Mast Climber - 36/15

The MC-36/15 MCWP achieves the perfect balance between robustness and safety.

It reduces assembly and disassembly time, leading to increased productivity and eliminating the need to use auxiliary equipment.

All elements in the platform are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard EN-1495.

It enables comfortable, safe work, reducing user fatigue and helping to improve work efficiency.

Its most usual use is in allowing access for workers and building materials to all the points of a building undergoing construction, rehabilitation, in civil works, industrial maintenance or shipbuilding.

Maximum Height 150 m
Maximum Capacity 1500 kg 3600 kg
Max. No of Persons 3 5
Working Plan Max. Length. 9,8 m 30,10 m
Working Plan Width 1,35 m

Versatile work platform for a multitude of applications

  • Great load capacity
  • Multiple assembly possibilities
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The MC-36/15 is designed to satisfy the most diverse requirements in the area of repairs, maintenance, exterior finishes, etc; working with maximum safety

    It's multiple assembly possibilities (from 4.8 m in single mast and up to 31 m in twin mast) and the extensions, allow us to adapt ourselves to any workspace.

    The great load capacity and it's versatility provides us with the adequate resistance and stability for jobs to be done in different sectors such as civil construction, refurbishment or industry.