Scaffolding Services

Resa-Gulf Scaffolding offers a rental service of the products, manufactured by our company. Among those products we offer the rental of multidirectional scaffold and framework, work motorized platforms, as well as industrial elevators.

A range of products perfectly appropriate in the offering of solutions in all kinds of industrial or construction projects. Always with an undeniable quality and reliability on the basis of the knowledge gained after many years of experience.

Today, Resa-Gulf has a Tubular scaffolding Park of more than 6,000 Tm distributed throughout their different national and international delegations, with over 2,000 in Saudi Arabia. This allows us to be able to serve our customers both in quantity and within a required period.

The rental service is rendered along with the assembly/disassembly service; or only providing our material, in both cases, Resa group has the necessary logistics (trucks, auxiliary means, etc.) to provide a highly efficient service.

RESA Group offers among its services the rental of elevators, paying special attention to our R-300 model.

The R-300 elevator is a product made and designed in Spain, backed by considerable years of experience. It is a model based on a rack and pinion system that gives you reliability, safety and versatility, which requires minimal maintenance.

The rental of elevators can be combined with our assembly service.


  • Commercial advisory.
  • Engineering and Design Services.
  • Transportation.
  • Erection and Dismantling Works.
  • Skilled Workforce, Specialist Trained and Supervision team Certified by Saudi Arabian Oil Company - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Inspection - Certified team by Saudi Arabian Oil Company - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Material sales

  • We will assess and offer the best solution for your Requirement, and provide everything from a simple rental to a turn key installation.



    Few Components - Maximum Versatility.

    The Safest Way

    The Better Performances.

    This system is composed of standard tubular elements. The assembly of these elements is carried out by head - wedge connection (Resablok Node).

  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Light
  • Quick Assembly
  • Material Saving
  • Low Maintenance


    Repetitive assembly = low times of assembly/dismantle